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Frequently Asked Questions

At TX Parcels, we want to make parcel delivery as simple as it can be. Below is some useful information about the service, where it covers, what can be sent and much, much more.

From our bases in Inverness and Aberdeen, TX Parcels pick up anywhere in the Highlands and North East Scotland. See the following maps for guidance.

If you are not sure whether your location is covered, please call us on 0800 40 20 10 for confirmation.

TX Parcels deliver anywhere in the UK and Europe.
Yes, all items are fully insured when being transported by TX Parcels.
For our regular vehicles the maximum size is 185 cm long, 120 cm wide, 140 cm high
Larger items can be arranged with 24 hr notice, please call to enquire.
TX Parcels can carry up to 500 kg on our regular vehicles. However, items need to be man-handleable to get them on and off the vehicle.
Heavier items can be arranged with 24 hr notice, please call to enquire.
Wrap your item in a protective material (such as bubble wrap) and place into a box with packing material (such as loose fill) all the way around so as to stop your item from moving around in the box. Use a quality tape to seal the box. If your item is fragile, breakable or needs to be kept in a specific orientation, mark this clearly on the box. Please drain all fluids from your item before packing.
If you are not sure how to safely pack an item, please call us for advice.
Once the order is live, we will send you a link where you can track the vehicle from when we send it to collect the item right until the item is delivered.

We try to accomodate every request for delivery. However, under the Carriage of Dangerous Goods regulations there are some items we are not permitted to transport. These include...

Fireworks, Air Bag Mechanisms, Party Poppers, Blasting Caps
Gas Cylinders, Fire Extinguishers, Camping Gas, Scuba Tanks, Life jackets with Gas inflation
Liquids and Solids
Petrol, Many Solvents, Overproof Alcoholic Drinks
Weapons & Ammunition
Shotguns, Replica Guns, Knives, Swords, Cartridges
Environmental, Industrial, Medical & Clinical
Corrosives, Oxidising Substances, Pesticides, Radioactive Substances

Additionally there are a number of other item types that we may decline at our discretion to carry. For example...

  • Currency / Cash / Credit Cards
  • High Value Items - Antiques, Gem Stones, Watches and Jewellery, Pictures and Paintings
  • Very Fragile Items - Musical Instruments, Televisions, Computers and Screens, Crystal and Glass
  • Perishables
  • Animals - dead or alive
  • Plants

If you are unsure whether we are able to carry your item, please get in touch with us on 01463 222 222 to discuss what you are wanting delivered. We wil try to assist wherever we can.

If the above hasn't answered your question fully, or need to speak to one of our team regarding a possible delivery, please call us on 0800 40 20 10 to speak with an adviser.

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